Visible Thinking is a truly collaborative project that could not have happened without the contributions of numerous individuals and organizations over the years. We are particularly grateful for the financial support of Carpe Vitam, especially the interest and encouragement of Peder Wallenberg and Helena Wallenberg-Lerner. Their dedication to the education of children around the world has been an inspiration and this project could not have succeeded without them.

From the beginning of this project, we have been fortunate to have worked with the students, faculty and staff of Lemshaga Academi, Stockholm, to develop the ideas and activities that form the core of Visible Thinking. Our program coordinators, Ylva Telegin and Lotta Norell, have been dedicated collaborators in this work. We are grateful for their generous participation and constructive leadership, from trying out new routines and providing data and documentation to successfully shepherding the project for five years.

We have also been fortunate to work with teachers, students and administrators at many schools who welcomed us into their classrooms. We thank the International School of Brussels, the International School of Amsterdam, and the American School of the Hague for their enthusiastic cooperation. We would particularly like to highlight the efforts of the coordinators at these schools, Jeffrey Brewster, Mark Church, and Allison Fritscher, who gave so freely of their time and energy.

For the video footage on this site we are thankful to ISA teachers Lisa Verkerk, Stephanie Martin, Susan Loban, Debbie O'Hara, and Mark Church for allowing us into their classrooms. Mark Verkerk, Helen Delachaux, and Dolf de Haan at EMS Films (Hilversum, The Netherlands) provided video production and editing.

Locally, we would like to thank our colleague Susan Barahal and the Saugus Middle School for their support and collaboration. The Liberty School in Braintree, Massachusetts, provided an important pilot site that helped further our emergent ideas early in the project. Our special thanks to the grade 5 students over the years and to teachers Rich Murray, Kara LaRossa, Kara Wishart, Jess Bernier, Katie Quirk, and Mary Gartung at the Liberty School for their early participation in this research. We also are grateful to our HGSE colleagues Angela Bermudez and Seana Moran for their contributions to the Fairness and Creativity Ideals.

On the technical side we are indebted to several key individuals. The elegant and efficient design of this website is the work of Jin Joo Chyung, with crucial and timely assistance from Anne Lanford and Tom Trapnell. And finally, special thanks to Andrea Tishman for generously designing our strikingVisible Thinking logo.

The Visible Thinking Team,

Patricia Palmer, David Perkins, Ron Ritchhart, Shari Tishman