Think Pair Share: Pictures of Practice
What does the routine look like in action?

Using the routine to explore fractions Tamara Cunningham, grade 3 International School of Brussels

After completing a unit on multiplication and division, Tamara Cunningham decided to take a new approach to launching the topic of fractions and decimals. She provided students with a problem, two hypothetical answers and a written text. After reviewing the problem orally, students worked in pairs. They were asked to explain their thinking in words or pictures before dicussing the problem with their partner.

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After reviewing the documentation from the routine Tamara noticed striking things about her students' thinking, for example many students seem to understand that fractions are to do with equal parts. Others seemed confused by using terminology on paper, but could explain their thinking orally. Some students were confused when their own drawings did not match equations that they had sketched. Tamara realized she would need to carefully differentiate her instruction for this unit. Some students seemed confident and capable in undertaking the problem, while others needed clarification about basic elements of the numerator and denominator.





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Barbara Tassell, G7, St. Michael's Collegiate School