Connections and Extension

The Headlines routine is flexible and adaptable. It can be used in many contexts and in combination with other thinking routines. The What Makes You Say That routine is a natural follow up that asks students to explain the reasons for choosing a Headline. Headlines can be used to quickly summarize discussions generated by another routine. For example, ask students to capture the essence of their thoughts from the Connect Extend Challenge routine or from Think Puzzle Explore. Students can summarize the perspectives generated in a Circle of Viewpoints in a Headline or try to represent in a Headline their stance on a dilemma after a Tug of War.

The routine is useful when closing a discussion or lesson, but it can also be used when introducing a topic as a way of capturing students current ideas and/or misconceptions about a topic. As an extension, ask students to create a time line of their Headlines that tracks changes in thinking over time during a unit of study. Individually, students can use the routine when reading. Remind students to pause and occassionally write Headlines to themselves on post it notes that capture the essence of a chapter or passage in text.