Visible Thinking Pictures of Practice


Stephanie Martin, International School of Amsterdam, Kindergarten

Stephanie Martin created the Thinking Keys routine with a colleague as a way to help students reflect on their own thinking. The four keys and associated questions give children the vocabulary neccesary to think about and discuss their thinking. The four keys are: Form: What is it like?, Function: How does it work?, Connection: How is this like something I have seen before? and Reflection: How do you know? In this video clip students use the keys to "unlock their thinking" and make connections between patterns they are exploring in math.


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Generating documentation using a routine: With the Think Puzzle Explore routine, students use post-it notes to share ideas about division (click image to see examples)


Teacher reflection: Concept map about the benefits of documenting thinking created by Lisa Verkerk, grade 5 teacher at International School of Amsterdam. (click image to enlarge)




Interactive documentation: Using moveable post-it notes on a venn diagram, students revisit and revise their thinking. (click image to see examples)


Making Thinking Visible: A chart reflecting 3rd grade students' ongoing questions and ideas about Langston Hughes and his poetry. (click image to see examples)